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The Christian Finances-Stewardship pages cover God's Biblical financial plan and provide practical advice on budgeting, debt, employment and other ways to put God's plan to work in your life.

Christian Finances-Stewardship

To understand Christian Finances and Stewardship we must understand God is interested in our financial life and has a lot to say about it.  God wants us to be financially fit and fulfilled just as in our other life areas.  To review God's financial plan, visit Christian Finances-1, Christian Finances-2 and Christian Finances-3.  Make a note of the areas where you need work and look below for links to pages covering practical ideas on what to do.

Christian Finances-Stewardship Topics:

Christian Money Links:

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Christian Budgeting Tips
Christian Budgeting Tips 2
Christian Almsgiving
Christian Finances-1
Christian Finances-2
Christian Finances-3
Debt Elimination
Debt Free Christian Life
Definition Of Tithe
Employment & Christians
Family Budget Worksheet
Home Mortgage Basics
Home Mortgage Basics 2
Investment With Low Risk
Investment-Low Risk-2
Job Interview Tips
Resume Writing Tips

Other Money Resources:

Christian Finance Books
Christian Advice Forum
Other Christian Resources
Money Management

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