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This Christian Belief-Statement Of Faith contains what we believe are the essentials of the Christian faith. It's basic Christian doctrine boiled down to the simplest terms.

The Christian Belief Statement has had many different names; Statement of Faith, What We believe or Essentials of the Christian Faith.  No matter what you call it, there are a few things all true Christians have in common, regardless of denomination or political interests.  While we may differ even significantly in all other Biblical issues, we must agree on these essentials.  It's important to know what professing Christian organizations believe before investing much time or money in their ministry.  We've published this Christian Belief Statement so you'll know where we at stand, doctrinally.  For comparison, see these books on Christian Belief, doctrine, or Faith Statements

Christian Belief Statement

1. One God exists from everlasting to everlasting and expresses Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

2. God inspired people to write the Bible (His Word), revealing His plan and His love for us.

3. God created us all in His image and deserves our love and obedience.

4. Through the decision of one man (Adam) death entered the world, separating us from God. Since then, we're all born separate from God.

5. Through the sacrificial death and resurrection of one perfect man (Jesus, God-the-Son) we can re-connect with God.

6. All we have to do is believe in Jesus to be forgiven of all our wrongs and to spend eternity with God…or…we can choose not to.

7. If we accept this gift from God, He lives in us (spiritually), empowering us to live, love and help others know Him.

Belief in the above leads to the following conclusions:

a. Everyone who has accepted God's gift (7) is a child of God and part of our family, regardless of their denomination, church affiliation (or none), race, nation or gender.

b. Diversity in interpreting God's Word in non-essentials is an opportunity for acceptance, learning and growth, not conflict and dissention.

"In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, charity." Augustine

c. Everyone who has not accepted God's gift (7) is still loved by God (2,3,5), and therefore, by God's children. God's children are like Him in the World.

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