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Free Bible Study Guides designed for small group or personal study, online or printable. The inductive style questions are designed for you to apply God's Word to your life. New studies added every week.

Free bible Study Guides

Finally, Bible study questions that include you.  Tired of the same old studies where the leader has the "right" answer and everyone else has to guess?  These study guides are for you.  All questions are open-ended and inductive...allowing you to answer in your own way.  We believe the Bible when it says you don't need anyone but the Holy Spirit to teach you.  There are no "answer-guides" and no wrong answers, so no one need be afraid to participate.  The questions are free and printable and you can use them any way you like as long as you don't charge for them.  Check back often, because we'll be adding study guides every week until we've covered the whole Bible.

Bible Study Guides:

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