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I'm honored that you've allowed me to be a part of your Christian life.  Please return often for fellowship, study and prayer.  Thank you very much for visiting.
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Christian Life FAQ includes questions on Christian Living, Discipleship, Spiritual Gifts-Fruit and many other issues of Christian life.

How do I know I'm saved?  Doubts about salvation are normal.  Assurance Of Salvation can help you answer the questions and doubts you or others are experiencing.

Is baptism necessary for salvation? No!  Visit Christian Traditions and Practices for the Biblical truth about this practice.

What is the purpose of prayer? or Why should we pray?  How To Pray As A Christian covers this and many other prayer and worship issues.

What is the definition of discipleship?  Discipleship is far more than study.  Instead, it's actually living as Jesus taught.  Visit Christian Discipleship Outline for more details.

What are the Christian purposes of life?  The purposes are live love and share His love with others.  See Great Commandment-Great Commission to learn more.    

What is the meaning of the holy communion? Christian Traditions and Practices can give you the Biblical explanation of this tradition.

To pray in the spirit means to what?  Visit How To Pray As A Christian for the details.

What is a dry spell in prayer?  In my experience, it's when God hears you but you don't hear Him. This is and only sometimes related to your behavior (glen).

Why does it seem like God is punishing me?  Often, life circumstances make us feel God is punishing us.  To gain an understanding of these circumstances, go to Why Is God Punishing Me.

What is a prayer partner?  Anyone praying with you in person or sharing the same prayer requests with you, regardless of location.

What is the definition of Christian stewardship?  See Meaning of Christian Stewardship for a Bible Study or visit Christian Finances-Stewardship for a complete teaching along with several pages to help you adjust if necessary.

What does the Bible say about church attendance?  Visit What Does The Bible Say About Church Attendance to find out what is supposed to be done at church, where it's done and who does it.  Expect some surprises here.

How do home based churches compare to the ones in a commercial building?  For a frank comparison of strengths and weaknesses, visit Church At Your House.

What are the fruits of the Spirit?  Visit 9 Fruits Of The Spirit.

What are the gifts of the Spirit?  Visit 7 Gifts Of The Spirit.

Are there other Spiritual gifts in the Bible?  Yes!  For a list of "ministry gifts" visit More Spiritual Gifts.

Is The Great Commission for us?  Yes, it's for all of us...not just missionaries.  See Great Commandment-Great Commission for more.

What is the purpose of a Christian small group ministry? It's more than an optional church's the best way to experience true Christian fellowship.  Get the details at Christian Small Groups.

What is the value of church membership?  Every believer in Jesus is a member of the Christian Church.  The idea of local church membership rolls is a non-biblical concept, designed, primarily, as a legal requirement to determine who could govern the organization's budget, policies, employees, etc.  Specific "rights and responsibilities" vary widely among churches.  Some extreme ones have binding commitments for giving and non-essential Bible interpretations.  Run from these!  To see the Web-Church guidelines for membership, visit Importance of Church Membership or read our EHF corporate Web-Church Bylaws.

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