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RSS Explained:  Web-Church RSS Feed List

What Is An RSS Feed?

RSS is a great way to get the new information you want on a website or topic without getting slammed and spammed with email you don't want.  When you subscribe to one of our RSS feeds (listed below) your computer will automatically be notified every time we post new information.  RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed readers come standard on the latest Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.  If you have an older browser you can search on "RSS Feed Reader" to find a large variety of readers to match any platform you have.  I recommend getting a newer browser with the reader built in to avoid compatibility issues.  You can customize your feeds to show all titles, the latest 10, the new ones since you looked at the feed, etc.  You can even tell most readers to include description and publication date. 

If your reader doesn't automatically detect the RSS feeds on the page, all you have to do is look for one of these symbols:  RSS Feed Logo   RSS XML Feed Logo  RSS Logo  Click on the symbol to view the contents of the feed and subscribe.  Then, every time you open your RSS reader, you'll have a list of the latest info on your favorite subjects.  If a title in that list interests you, click on it to see the whole story.  It's as easy as that!  You never have to visit a website to see what's new...what's new will come to you if you're subscribed.

RSS Feed List For Web-Church Main Worship/Fellowship Pages:

RSS Feed Logo  Bible Studies And Study Resources

RSS Feed Logo  Christian Articles

RSS Feed Logo  Christian Music

RSS Feed Logo Christian Relationships

RSS Feed Logo  Web-Church News

RSS Feed Logo  Weekly Worship Service

RSS Feed List For Web-Church Fellowship Forums and Blog:

RSS Feed Logo  Christian Life & Ministry Blog

RSS Feed Logo  Christian Living Issues

RSS Feed Logo  Christian Ministry Issues

RSS Feed Logo  Prayer Requests Answers & Miracles

RSS Feed Logo  Top Issues On Web-Church Forums

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