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The Book of Romans is a great place to get an understanding of basic doctrines of Christianity...and how they differ from modern assumptions.  Each chapter study has inductive style questions designed for personal application and group discussion. Enjoy!

Introduction To Romans Bible Studies:

The book of Romans is the most complete discussion of fundamental Christian doctrines contained in one book of the Bible.  In addition to our studies, here is a link to Other Romans Bible Studies & Background.  You can read all four Gospels and the book of Acts and still not have a good understanding of many important concepts, like salvation.  Here are some Other New Testament Studies.  For books on After studying Romans, you'll understand what salvation is, the difference between Christianity and religion, what it really means to be sanctified, how Christians are supposed to behave, whether Christians continue to sin, what to do about it if you do and much more.  You'll learn how and when to use, strengthen and develop powerful gifts from God.  You'll discover huge differences between what Christianity is and what people today think it is.  You'll see the entire doctrine of salvation in one powerful verse you can use to reinforce your faith or help someone else meet Jesus.  How will you learn all this? 

I'm not going to tell you...that's not how we do Bible study.  I won't even give you the answers to the Bible study questions.  There are plenty of places you can go to be spoon-fed.  We have faith that the Holy Spirit will teach you as you study the book of Romans, chapter by chapter, and wrestle with the questions.  Our studies are designed for you to search for answers to the most meaningful and most controversial questions in the Bible.  While I have my ideas of what a correct answer would look like, I believe the Spirit will move through you to reveal correct answers I hadn't dreamed of.  That's how He works!  Because I haven't told you what to find, my good answer won't interfere with His perfect answer.  One benefit you'll receive from this is in knowing God speaks directly to don't need a minister or priest to reveal His plan for you.  All you need is the Holy Spirit.  By far, the biggest benefit is, by answering these inductive style questions, yourself, God's Word will be planted far deeper in you than if you had heard the answers from someone else.

So, let's get started!  Begin by prayerfully reading through the book of Romans in less than a week.  Just read it...we'll study it later.  After you've read the book of Romans once, read it again, considering our suggested outline of the book.  Then, start with chapter 1 and begin working on the questions.

Romans Chapter bible Studies:   

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