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I'm honored that you've allowed me to be a part of your Christian life.  Please return often for fellowship, study and prayer.  Thank you very much for visiting.
Love & Hugs,
Glen is an internet Christian fellowship with streaming music, Bible studies, fellowship and prayer. We're a non-denominational, non-traditional cyber-church, online 24/7 so you can worship at home with family and friends.

Welcome To Your Online Christian Church

We've designed this cyber-church so you can be part of a worldwide Christian community while worshiping and learning about God in your own home with people you know and love.  You're welcome in this fellowship even if you're part of another church or denomination.  Take a look at what the Lord has put together, here, to see how Web-Church can enhance your spiritual walk.  For your convenience, we've included a searchable Bible at the bottom of every page.

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To get around on the site, you can use the menu bar, above, "Related Topics, to the Right and "the latest issues in "Web-Church News" just below that.  With the Menu Bar, you're always 1-2 clicks from any page in the site, so you don't have to waste time opening a lot of pages or figuring out a sitemap.  Here's a brief explanation of the Menu Bar Topics:

Worship Life:  Weekly worship service and Bible study, daily devotionals and Bible verses, Prayer and Fellowship ministries, Christian FAQs and Finances.

Music:  Streaming praise and worship library with hundreds of  contemporary, traditional and kids Christian music titles.

Bible Study:  Hundreds of topical and inductive Bible studies, on subjects like Jesus, Discipleship, Church History, along with chapter-by-chapter book-studies. 

Articles:  Christian living syndicated articles we've published in order by title.

Forums/Blog:  A Worldwide Christian fellowship, where you can talk to us and each other, submit and answer prayer requests and advice. 

Christian Store:  A mall, really, with discount Christian music, videos, books, software, electronics, clothing, etc.  Thousands of items!

About/Site:  About us, contact us, site search, site maps, faith statement, bylaws, privacy/security policy, resources, etc.

RSS:  Instructions for using RSS and a list of RSS feeds for Web-Church.

Thanks, again, for dropping by.  You may notice we're not a traditional church in the modern sense.  This is because we've done our best to stick to what the Bible says and ignore the stuff that's been added to it over the last 1,600 years. If you're seeking a no-nonsense relationship with God, I hope you find everything you need, here, so you'll make Web-Church a regular part of your Christian life.



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