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The Life and History of Jesus Christ is a series of 39 Bible lessons (sermons) taken from the four Gospels. They cover the life of Christ in order from His birth through His ascension, taking on the supposed contradictions as they arise.

The Life and History of Jesus Christ

This is a harmony of the four Gospels, taking 39 episodes in the life of Christ to teach important lessons of life for us, today.  As they arise, we take on the supposed contradictions and inconsistencies between the Gospel accounts.  You'll find teachings on love, forgiveness, rejection, addiction, religiosity and many other topics relevant to you, today.

The Bible doesn't actually record the life of Jesus in chronological sequence.  Each Gospel writer was more concerned with getting his point across than with making a chronological record.  Because of this, our lessons will seem "out of sequence" with any of the Gospels.  The lessons are in chronological sequence at the bottom of this page and at the right side of each lesson page.  For our harmony of the gospels sequence, we used the book The Life And Times Of Jesus The Messiah which is an outstanding book for understanding Jesus in His historical context.  For more information about Jesus see these books on the History of Jesus Christ.  We used the NIV Bible almost exclusively in the teaching, but would like to hear anyone's idea of a different interpretation derived from any other translation.

Life And History Of Jesus Christ Bible Lessons:

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Zechariah, Elizabeth...
The Childhood Of Jesus
Life Of John The Baptist
The Temptation Of Jesus
Jesus Begins His Ministry
Jesus And Nicodemus
Jesus...Woman At Well
Jesus Rejected At Home
Pool Of Bethesda
New Wine...Wineskins
Sermon On The Mount A
Sermon On The Mount B
Sermon On The Mount C
Sermon On The Mount D
Jesus Anointed With Oil
Parable Of The Sower
Jesus Calms The Sea
Jesus Sends The Twelve
Jesus Walks On Water
Clean And Unclean-Blind
Jesus Is The bread Of Life
Jesus And The Canaanite
Jesus Heals On Sabbath
Who Do You Say I Am
Mustard Seed Faith
Who Is The Greatest
Giving God Honor
The Truth...Set You Free
Jesus The Good Shepherd
Treasure-Heart In Heaven
Lost Sheep, Coin, Son
The Shrewd Manager
Destiny Of Judas...Mary
Meaning Of Palm Sunday
The Greatest Command
Prophecy...The Last Days
The Last Days Parables
Analysis Of  Last Supper
The Real Easter Story
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