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Online Christian Discipleship School...Bible studies, training and everything you need to disciple someone or to study Christian living for yourself. The 16 studies are arranged to be taken in order to depict the Christian life cycle.

Here's what some recent graduates had to say:

"Hello Glen,  I liked the course for it made me learn a lot and now I don't only read the bible but I study it. I liked every thing about the course. I believe that my life is not the same after going through this course. May God guide me with his holy spirit give me his gift to fulfill his word.
May God Bless you." Cecilia

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to grow deeper in my spiritual walk with the Lord.  We are so excited to know that our beliefs to "go make disciples and teach" are shared with others!  Finding your website was a blessing and we have enjoyed the services that you offer."  Dawn

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Christian Life Bible Studies (LifeCycle)

The LifeCycle Bible Studies are arranged in four "series" of four lessons each.  We recommend that you take your time, spreading each lesson out over a week so you can do a little study each day.  The first lesson, Christian Discipleship Outline, will give you more detail, but here is a rough overview of the four Christian Living LifeCycle Series:
A.  Planting:  This series includes the basics of living a Christian Life.
B.  Growing:  This series includes Bible studies on what a Christian needs to grow beyond infancy.
C.  Blooming:  This series covers the many things that are cultivated in a maturing Christian life.
D.  Reproducing:  This is what all mature plants and mature Christians do.

Christian Discipleship Bible Study Links:

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9 Fruits Of The Spirit
7 Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
Spiritual Gifts Of The Bible
Parable Of The Ten Talents
Great Commandment and Great Commission
Christian Small Groups
Church At Your House
Importance Of Church Membership

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