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Listen online to streaming Christian praise and worship music. Choose from traditional, contemporary and children's music. Review CD's, artists and search the Bible while listening.

Streaming Christian Praise And Worship Music Library

This library is provided so you can listen to Christian praise and worship music online and use this music for your personal, home small group worship.  That's why we've included the words to each song (when available) on the page as the song plays.  This library is expected to grow over the next 5 years to about 500 songs...not meant to be a complete collection, but certainly enough to enable home worship.  Also, the categories are not meant to be painstaking but to narrow the field somewhat.  Please don't write to tell me I filed a song in the wrong category.  All my mistakes were done on purpose.  (Don't think about that too long) 

Traditional Christian Music:  This category includes classical Christian music all the way through old time gospel and music written as recently as the 1950's, depending on style.  If you were born before 1960, many of these worship songs will be very meaningful to you.

Contemporary Christian Music:  This category includes many praise and worship songs in many different styles, published since 1960.  As you'll see, I consider many songs contemporary that others would consider golden oldies.  Since I'm a golden oldie I get to decide!

Christian Music For Kids:  This is a collections of Children's praise and worship music performed by children so you can lead your children in worship.  Or, if you're an older child, you can play them yourself.

Top New Christian Music:  You'll find many of the latest styles of Christian music.  If you like Christian Rap, Punk, Grunge, Hip Hop, etc. you may find it in this collection or our contemporary music collection.

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Search Bible While Listening:  While listening to the music, you can use our searchable Bible to look up the words or topic of the song, or anything else, in the Scriptures.

Find CD's and Bible Study Tools While Listening:  Most music pages have links to CD's, Bibles and software, all set up so you can view...even buy CD's without interrupting the music.  When possible, we've included links to a CD containing the actual performance you're listening to.

Christian Praise And Worship Music Forum - Share favorites, discuss artists, songs, etc.
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