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These Church History inductive style Bible studies from the book of Acts have questions perfect for small group or personal study to help you understand and apply Acts to your life.

Book Of Acts Online Church History Bible Study

This Bible Study is designed so you can go at your own pace.  We take one chapter at a time so we don't bite off more than we can Spiritually chew.  Individual studies are listed below this introduction.  The questions are designed in an inductive style, so you'll have an easier time understanding and applying the lessons to your life.  We've made sure most of the questions are open-ended, so there are more than one correct answer.  This style is excellent for personal study or small group discussion.  Unlike many Bible studies, we don't give you the answers...not even the group leader.  Getting the answers is your job...that's why we call it study.  Have fun!

The Book of Acts is, in my opinion, the most exciting book of the Bible.  It covers the entire history of the early Christian Church, from the ascension of Jesus right through Paul's final imprisonment in Rome.  Accounts of the most interesting events are documented for us all to read, marvel at, and learn from.  For more information on the early church, see recent books on the Book Of Acts.  Many miracles are documented.  Acts also contains some very interesting events in early church organization.  The book of Acts is fascinating to just read from one end to the other,  In fact, that would be a great place for you to start your study.  That way, you'll have some context when you get to the following individual chapter studies.

Church History Bible Studies:

Church History Bible Studies:

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