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The book of Galatians contains only 6 chapters, but is packed with solid Christian history, controversy and doctrine.  This introduction begins your Bible study journey to Galatia.  Find out why Paul attacked Peter, who the Judaizers were, what salvation through faith is and many other interesting topics.  The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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Introduction To Galatians Bible Studies:

Paul's letter to the Galatians was written after his trip to Galatia, once he had learned that people called "Judaizers" had begun convincing the People that their faith in Christ wasn't enough to make them Christians, but they had to obey the Jewish Law, including circumcision.  Paul wrote to remind the Galatians of the true Gospel and why it is sin to consider anything in addition to faith as a requirement for salvation.  This book is a good history of some of the issues of the Church and extremely valuable when applied to Christian life today.

We've designed the Bible study questions in inductive format to make it easy to apply to your life, today.  The questions are arranged to be used for personal study or in a small group format.  Begin the first week by reading Galatians through completely in an attitude of prayer.  Enjoy!

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